About Water Marbling

Lux Hydro Art is here to ignite your passion for creativity. We believe that art has the power to inspire and connect us all. Come, be part of this artistic journey, and let the beauty of art inspire you. We are honored to introduce you to an exciting, colorful, reinvention of an ancient art form called water marbling. It is believed the mystical art of water marbling dates back to the Middle Ages, being developed nearly simultaneously in Japan known as Suminagashi, in Turkey as Ebru.
Ancient artists would carefully float drops of ink on their water's surface. Then they would gently blow across the ink to create waves of movement and texture. Later, they used sticks and hairs to produce different, exciting effects. These artists captured and preserved the art on paper.
Today we bring you a rainbow's array of acrylic colors, tools to simplify the outcome.  We offer an assortment of projects including wood and fabric to capture your beautiful, artistic experience.
Whether you're shopping for an exquisite silk scarf or distinctive home decor items, you're sure to discover the piece that resonates with you, and truly connects with your unique style. Maybe you're eager to dive into the world of art through one of our inspiring workshops? Here at Lux Hydro Art, we believe that art is a journey, a voyage of self-discovery, and a means to connect with others on a profound level. We offer workshops exploring various art forms, techniques, and inspirations, finding beauty in unexpected places and nurturing our inner artists. Let's create, connect, and inspire one another as we navigate the wonderful world of art!Man water marbling a silk scarf as crowd cheers!