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Imagine this: You, your closest friends, family, colleagues, or clients, gathered at a private, exclusive event that's as unique as you are. It's not just a party; it's an artistic adventure waiting to happen! Whether it's an intimate gathering or a corporate event, we're here to bring the mesmerizing magic of water marbling right to your doorstep. Or host a creative workshop in the studio in Redmond, Oregon. We provide everything you and your guests need for an unforgettable experience, where art and fun collide. 

We're experts in the art of bringing people together, and we've got one mission: to create unforgettable memories through the magic of creativity. Whether it's a lively gathering, a team-building corporate event, a family or class reunion or any other celebration, we're here to infuse your occasion with art, connection, and, of course, loads of fun. So, let's play in some water and paint, share some smiles, and craft memories that'll last a lifetime!

Our most popular experience option is the enchanting water marbling on a silk scarf! Or design a stunning water-marbled faux succulent garden. How about learning some simple watercolor techniques to paint an adorable animal portrait? No matter which adventure you choose, our experiences start at just $50 per person. It's affordable artistry and unforgettable memories rolled into one. So, let's play in some water and paint, share some smiles, and create memories that'll last a lifetime!

Private events in the studio are available for small groups of 3 or more. The studio is located in Canyon Rim Village in Redmond, Oregon. To bring the fun to your doorstep or venue a minimum group of 10 is required. 

Contact us to discover more details and to schedule your artistic adventures!

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